Intermediate Surf Lessons


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The truly unique aspect of surfing is no two experiences are the same. Every day is different, every wave is different, every turn you do is different. As exciting as this is, it can be equally as frustrating. If you’re feeling this way, rest assured you’re not alone.

Our intermediate surf lessons and surf coaching are designed to assist those who surf on their own, with their own equipment and have the ability to catch and ride their own waves. Instruction will vary based on your specific goals and abilities.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Wave-by-wave instruction
  • Etiquette and unspoken rules
  • How to analyze surf and weather conditions
  • Basic to advanced maneuvers
  • How to navigate your paddle-out
  • Paddle technique
  • Where and when to surf
  • Surf Forecasting
  • Equipment selection and function
  • Local insights
  • Style improvements
  • General ocean and surf safety


  • Personalized Private Instruction
  • Exclusive to you or your group of 2
  • Must use your own equipment
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn More


90-Minute Session
1-Person = $100
2-People = $150

*5-Lesson Package / 15% Discount (Buy Now)
*Fees may vary per instructor


Manhattan Beach Pier – North Side

Additional locations available upon request. Travel fees may apply. Contact Us to schedule.

Additional Options

Capture HD Video of Your lesson // $50

Temporarily Unavailable

We will capture your waves on video and provide the files for you to take with you at the completion of your lesson. This is great way to preserve and share the memories and also improve your surfing skills. You can add this option durfing checkout.

5-lesson Package // Save 15%

If you’re looking to incorporate surfing into your lifestyle, a package of lessons is a great way to shorten the learning curve. You can spread your lessons out over as much time as you need, allowing you time in between sessions to practice what you’ve learned and experience a variety of ocean conditions.

You can choose to purchase your package upfront using the link below or you can let us know after your lesson and we will process payment for the package and apply it to your first lesson.


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