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There is so much that can be learned and taught outside of the water to advance your surfing.  Our Surf Consulting offers clients the opportunity to tap into the 20+ years of surfing knowledge our experts have accumulated to expedite your learning curve.  Here are a few areas we can help:


Choosing appropriate equipment for your ability is crucial to your progress. We can provide unbiased guidance to help you:

  • Pick the appropriate type/size surfboard and wetsuit
  • Advise where to buy your equipment
  • Ensure you only buy what you need and don’t over-spend
Where & when to surf

You can find plenty of information online about current conditions at various spots. What you won’t find is unbiased and detailed information on:

  • Respecting locals
  • Where to enter the water and sit in the lineup
  • Ideal size and tides for your ability
  • What board you should ride
  • Should you be surfing this spot

In-person instruction is definitely the most effective way to improve, however, most issues faced by beginners are common and don’t necessarily need to be witnessed by an instructor to identify the cause and provide a solution.

  • Struggling to catch waves
  • Consistent nose-diving
  • Falling to one side or the other
  • Difficulty getting through the waves
Surf Travel

When it comes to surf travel the options are endless. There are many questions you need to ask prior to booking to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. For example:

  • What locations are appropriate for my ability and budget?
  • What time of year are conditions good at that location?
  • Is it a location my family would enjoy?
  • How do I travel with a surfboard?
  • What’s the best way to book surf travel?
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